Opening hours: 7:00 - 16:30 (Mon - Fri) 9:00 - 15:00 (Saturday)

Why: - why not - "We only live once," as far as we know... It would be foolish to regret until the last moment over things we didn't try when the opportunity was there.

Location was our top priority.

We have passed by the place many times and thought it was a shame that the premises were not being utilized.

Both after the kiosk and the last tenant, Yummy, closed.

So, we began to develop ideas and figure out what suited the place.

We ourselves love to eat porridge when the time is right, so it was obvious.

– Some people are just more fond of barley porridge than others...

We also regularly bake buns, so half of the menu was more or less ready.

We primarily try to use ingredients that are produced in Denmark.

We hate food waste and are on board with the Too Good To Go movement.

We are advocates of recycling - that's why the coffee bar has a somewhat unique decor.

We will try to create a green oasis in the middle of the city, where everyone can relax.

We have paid for the renovation and remodeling of the premises ourselves.

Louise and Jens are both proud members of the exclusive "Quirky Islanders" club, representing the years 1972 and 1971.

They have been partners in crime since January 2012, and in 2022, they chose to tie the knot.

Louise has had her base in Randers for ages, all the way back from the mid-80s, and then Jens rolled in after her in 2014 to join in the festivities.

We warmly welcome dogs inside (excluding the kitchen), as we truly adore them.

Outside, you'll find two dedicated dog corners, each with seating available.

In our store, we have a drawing corner for the kids, where there will be a weekly competition with a small prize for the winner of the week.

We have handicap-friendly access to our coffee bar, so everyone can enjoy our offerings.

You can also look forward to rice porridge every 24th of the month (or as close as possible), and if we're lucky and there's leftover porridge the next day, you can enjoy "klatkager" (small pancakes).

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Terminal 12

Terminal 12

Hyggelig kaffebar ved busterminalen. Vi har grød, boller og kringle hjemmebagt
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Terminal 12
OSTENS DAGOstens dag bliver for første gang afholdt i Danmark fredag den 1. marts 2024, men det er tanken at den skal afholdes hvert år, den første fredag i marts. Kan du lide ost ??? #dagensret #hygge #Relax #tagmedhjem #choko #tegning #Randers #risengrød #kaffe #midtbyen #boller #havregrød #kaffebar #ost #ostemadder See MoreSee Less
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Terminal 12
DAGENS RET. Lækker Gryderet med flødeBacon Æbler Perlebyg og meget mereTil kun 69,- kr. Spis hos os eller tag maden med hjem/på tur/på job…. #dagensret #hygge #Relax #tagmedhjem #choko #Randers #kaffe #midtbyen #boller #havregrød #kaffebar #stressfri #kringle #oase #bustur #kaffepause #medpåfarten Terminal 12 See MoreSee Less
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Terminal 12
Har du prøvet vores Frokostboller ???Vi laver alt fyldet selv og her er de vigtigste elementer i vores Tunsalat Vi synes selv den er lækker og koster kun 45,- kr. 👍🤤 #dagensret #hygge #Relax #tagmedhjem #choko #tegning #Randers #risengrød #kaffe #midtbyen #boller #havregrød #kaffebar #stressfri #kringle See MoreSee Less
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DAGENS RET MANDAG 26.02.24bliver noget med disse råvarer Ønsker alle en god søndag aftenTerminal 12 #dagensret #hygge #Relax #tagmedhjem #choko #tegning #Randers #risengrød #kaffe #midtbyen #boller #havregrød #kaffebar #oase #stressfri #kringle #bustur See MoreSee Less
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You can use the chat button in the lower right corner, or send us an email or give us a call. We'll respond as soon as possible 🙂



Plain Bun 20 DKK

Porridge Bun 25 DKK

Special Bun 25 DKK

Grandmother's Pretzel 25 DKK

Lunch Bun 45 DKK
Accompaniments: Spinach, Pesto, Vegetables
Vælg mellem: Pulled Pork, Kylling, Tunsalat



Oatmeal 45 DKK

Barley Porridge 45 DKK

Chia Pudding 45 DKK

Plus x3 Fitting
Choose between: 
Cinnamon Sugar
Dried Apricots
Coconut Flakes
Toasted Almonds
Toasted Sunflower Seeds
Brazil Nuts
Whipped Cream
Caramel Monin
Healthy Fiber
Banana Slices
Apple Slices

Extra fitting 5 DKK


Hot Drinks:

Coffee 20 DKK

Coffee with Milk 20 DKK

Cappucino 25 DKK

Latte Macchiato 25 DKK

Wiener Melange 25 DKK

Hot Chocolate 25 DKK

Coffee mixed with Chocolate 25 DKK

Tea 25 DKK


Cold Drinks:

Bettys Lemonade 40 DKK

Raw Culture 40 DKK

Ish Cocktail 30,-

Soft Drink 27 DKK

Juice 20 DKK

Cocio 15 DKK

Kildevand 15,-

1/4 Milk 10 DKK

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